Decorating for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas

Christmas is all about traditions. About spending time with your loved ones, enjoying the food and a tasteful glass of wine. But that isn’t all. Christmas is also about interpreting old Christmas traditions in new and exciting ways. This holiday season is so much more than red ornaments, damask tablecloths, enormous gifts and a crazy mix of colours and materials. Let the Christmas table be the one place that’s all about delightful interior design. The one place with a clear Scandinavian touch. And the one place with aesthetics as the focal point and where you bring something new to Christmas.

A Nordic Christmas table is elegant. It’s evocative and adventurously light. Choose one consistent colour and otherwise stick to black, white and golden nuances to give your table a feminine touch. Find your inspiration in the Nordic nature and invite it inside. Create beautiful arrangements of bare branches in decorative vases, use pastoral nature elements such as cones and spruces in your table setting and add a dash of elegance using classic silver cutlery and candles. 

The Christmas table can easily carry a darker, more dramatic twist. Aim for black tableware or rustic stoneware and let contrasts do the work. Combine the dark universe with burned colours such as dark red and orange and always choose accessories in similar dark nuances. This setting too will benefit from elements from nature, but whereas the previous was light, stick to dark wood that creates a dramatic illusion. 

A touch of black

Make it one to remember