Green living

Green living

March is the first month of the year that slowly announces spring. It makes us yearn for the outdoors, for the green nature and first blossoms. While we are patiently waiting for spring to kick in, let’s invite the nature into our homes and live green.

Inviting plants into our homes has been a major trend over the past years. But living with house plants is not only a question of style and decoration, it is a statement and lifestyle choice. It enhances the living environment making our homes healthier and better for us and our beloved ones. House plants purify the air, release fresh oxygen and lower stress levels. They truly make our homes a more beautiful and healthier place.

The vast selection of house plants and green solutions for the home make living with plants neither difficult nor time-consuming. Those claiming not to have a green thumb can opt for low-maintenance or even no-maintenance plant solutions like sealed plant jars that care for themselves. Other can opt for terrariums or low-maintenance plants like cacti and succulents that require a minimum of plant care. Whatever your option is, you will be fascinated to see how plants bring a space to life and make it lush and cosy.

According to your home size you can opt for large or small plants, floor pots, small plant pots or even hanging planters if space is very limited. Go for it, live green, live healthy. Live, love and create!

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