Hacks of making a small space feel big

Hacks of making a small space feel big

When interior design and furniture blend perfectly with that’s when it really becomes fascinating. What is it that makes that perfect blend? It’s somewhere between functionality, utilization of square meters, and aesthetics. When it comes to inspiration in terms of utilization of space, I always turn my head to how small homes are designed

Here are a couple of easy steps to make a smaller home feel more open and spacey.


Get rid of unnecessary things

Step one is to go more minimalist. A good way to know what to keep and what to get rid of is to think what would be essential if you were living in an even tinier space. Be critical, it will give you a feeling of more space when stuff you don’t need anymore aren’t taking up space. Also it’s easier to clean and who doesn't like that. 

Arrange and hide your tech

A good way to create a more calm and streamlined feeling to a room is by consolidating all your tech and storage along one wall, it being your TV, music devices etc. Make sure to hide the power cables behind the storage for them not to create a messy look that will consume the feeling of having more space. 


Combine rooms for better utilization of space

Merging rooms for instance the dining room into the kitchen will earn your more space for either a living room or an office space. Here is when functionality is important to keep in mind. Try to think of how the different items can be used with a double purpose in order to squeeze the utility you need from all your pieces of furniture. It will make you free to only invest in on item instead of. Simply try to design zones and subtly section them into different functional areas, tables, desks, and shelves are perfect as multipurpose room dividers. 

Place large mirrors strategically around your home
A classic and fail-safe space-expanding tip is the use of large mirrors. 

Placing a mirror directly across from a wall of a window will reflect light around the room and open up the room. Also it’s a visual expander, it can create an illusion of space and depth in a small hallway for instance. It’s a well-known trick but important to remember as this is one of the easiest steps to create the feeling of more space to a small place.

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