How to take good care of solid wood

How to take good care of solid wood

Natural materials like solid wood has innate durable qualities, and with few simple adjustments, you can make your furniture in solid wood last almost forever. Here you can learn exactly how to care for solid wood, and ensure many years in beautiful, natural company.


The care kit includes a cleaner, oil, sanding sponge, a lint-free cloth and a sponge, specifically developed for our solid wood. And everything you need for caring correctly for your solid wood.

The first thing to do is grab the cleaner from the kit and shake it well. Then, mix the cleaner with 2 parts lukewarm water and apply the mixture to the wood with the sponge. Note that the kit includes a regular sponge and a sanding sponge, and for this step you should use the regular sponge.

Apply it in an even layer followed by a rub in the direction of the grain and apply light pressure until it lathers.

Leave for 5 minutes and wash down with lukewarm water. If the wood has risen or feels rough after it is dry, lightly rub down with the sanding sponge. And remember, always along the grain.


Apply oil

Take the wood oil and give it a good shake. Use a sponge or lint-free cloth to apply the oil in an even, thin layer in the direction of the grain. Any excess oil can be removed with a dry cloth. After approximately 24 hours the oil will be completely dry, and your solid wood is ready to take centre stage in your décor.

    • Continually care

      Repeat the treatment at least 3-4 times a year. Think of your wood furniture as an organic, living piece that needs love and care to keep appearances. Wood is an all-natural material affected by its surroundings, and the frequency of treatment depends on where your furniture is placed. In other words: A dry room that's warm can cause the wood to dry out and contract, whereas a damp room can cause the wood to expand. This also means that wood will require more oil during the cold winter months, when the air is often drier than in the summer.

      Caring continually and correctly will keep your solid wood furniture beautiful almost forever.

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