How to take good care of your leather

How to take good care of your leather

Did you know that caring for your furniture will make it last almost forever? Explore our quick guide on how to apply products and prolong the life of your furniture significantly.


Leather is a natural material meaning it will change over time, and is affected by the environment it is placed in. By showering your leather with care and love, you will enhance its natural elasticity and qualities and make your sofa stay beautiful for years to come.


The care kit includes a cleaner, conditioner and a sponge, specifically developed for our leather types. Each product serves different purposes, and you can learn just how to care for your leather below.

First, grab the cleaner from the kit and shake it good. Use a sponge or a lint-free cloth and massage the cleaner into the leather. Do it in circular movements to apply the product evenly to the entire surface. Wait for the leather to dry and follow-up with the conditioner.

Start by giving the product, just like the cleaner, a good shake before applying it. Again, use a sponge or lint-free cloth and massage an even, thin layer into the leather. Do so in circular movements to ensure the product is evenly distributed and covers each area of the leather.


    • Continually care

      Repeat the treatment 4-6 times a year, or when relevant. In colder months, leather will need more moisture and care than in warmer weather and environments. Much like your hands and skin need a bit more help in the winter rather than in sunnier warmer times.

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