Lustrous urban life

Lustrous urban life

Industrial materials are moving in. Brass, chrome, steel, concrete and glass are bringing a raw, unpolished and industrial look into our homes. Inspiration comes from workshops, making craftsmanship a part of the design. Hard-wearing concrete complements delicate, structured and coloured glass, while steel and chrome make sure there’s no mistaking the presence of machine-related crafts influence. We play with contradictions and soften up the hard industrial design with coloured glass, warm light and fluid forms. 

Glass doesn’t have to just be knick-knacks on the window sill and on the shelves. Glass designs combined with black metal give your home an industrial look – forget about glass tables in teenagers’ rooms in the 90s, and start thinking of cool New Yorker apartments with raw brick walls and skyline views over Manhattan. Structured glass has the perfect form for spaces that you want to radiate with industrial luxury. Structured glass furniture is a good choice if you feel you’re lacking a bit of roughness to contrast the huge, pillowy lounge sofa, the minimalistic light grey chaise longue or the classically set dining table. 

Structured glass casts an elegant light over your living room. The dimpled textures add a soft slant to the hard glass surface, which the material is usually associated with. If you hang a glass lamp up, you can determine the lamp's hardness depending on the bulb you put in. A cold light provides a bluish glow that complements your room’s industrialised look, while a warmer, more yellowish light is perfect for cosier homes. 

Glass installations create a clean look on your window sills and on your shelves. Coloured glass can go one step further. Pastel-coloured glass vases look good with heavy ceramics, while smoky tones are reminiscent of the swinging 70s and spacious living rooms. Coloured glass creates a stylish foundation for your small displays and is particularly good juxtaposed with brass, on your wooden sideboard or as a decorative ornament in the hallway. 

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