Scandinavia family: A classic sofa series

Scandinavia family: A classic sofa series

What makes a design truly exceptional? What makes the heart beat a little harder? A design family is defined by form, by look and feel, the choice of materials, and by expression. Each Bolia design family tells a story; a story that is passionately told by our designers to make you fall in love with the design.

Our Scandinavia sofa family is designed by the Danish designer duo Glismand & Rüdiger. Reminiscing old design classics in new ways has made the Scandinavia sofa one of our most beloved Bolia sofas. It is endlessly classic, elegant, minimalistic, and still a design that catch the eye and raises your heartbeat by a simple, yet beautiful design.

“We make designs for the real world. A world where people sit in chairs, eat at the table and sleep in the sofas. That way, people aren’t afraid to use our designs. Jump in the sofa, spill red wine on the table. That’s what it’s all for. That life,” says Glismand & Rüdiger.   

Scandinavia sofas allows you to customize the sofa of your dreams. Scandinavia is a timeless classic, the big brother, the first of its kind. Still, most choices are for you to make. Size of the sofa, leg heights, colour, fabrics, cushion type. Whether you are into an enormous corner sofa in lusciously soft blue velvet or a small, yet spacious 3 seater in exclusive grey wool is completely up to you.

Design heritage should be respected, but it does not mean that it should not be reinterpreted. Scandinavia Remix is all the best of the classic Scandinavia made lighter, cheekier and slightly more modern. Legs are higher and the armrests are exclusively rounded making Remix the slimmer, elegant sofa in the Scandinavia family. We still leave all the important decisions to you; we simply supply you with an elegant sofa that will be yours for years. 

Are you up for it? Do you dare? Why not fall in love with the Scandinavia sofa family. We know that we have. 

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