Spring is for lovers

Spring is for lovers

Brighter days and brand new trends

With our new Spring Collection, our designers will welcome you into three different universes, each filled with its own sense of creativity; Nordic Fjord, Scandinavian South, and Pure Function. Throughout the collection, functionality and design are combined with brand new fabrics and fresh vibrant colors that evoke the first days of spring when nature’s greens revive, restore and renew.

Clean, crisp and carefully curated. These words pretty much sums up the feeling of Nordic Fjord Punctuated by pale, yet powerful, colors and notes of rough and natural beauty will welcome you inside this universe. Let your mind wonder around a color scale inspired by water, stones, sunset and sand. Nordic Fjord embraces natural elements and combines true craftsmanship with materials such as ceramics, linen, glass and wood.   

The trend theme is both powerful and playful. Darker, warmer and cozier colors make it up for this luxurious and indulgent environment. The mood is dark and crafty, and the designs are brought to live through dark colors and roughly, yet sophisticated materials. Scandinavian South is represented by chunky textiles, glazed ceramics, felt and plush velvet. All perfectly played out in tones of dark green, deep blue and warm red. 

1. Iris vase / 2. Storm plaid / 3. Eten cutlery / 4. Posea bench / 5. Cerchio candleholder / 6. Bordo tea pot

Raw, dramatic, bright, minimalistic and chaotic all at the same time. The urban environment and functionality is presented in eye-candy-looking forms and designs. With golden notes, modern geometrics, balanced and yet edgy designs, the Pure Function universe will give you the perfect urban statement items. Golden metallic and sophisticated designs will make you fall in love, not only with Spring, but also in materials like brass, glass and leather.