Spring trend guide 2018

Spring trend guide 2018

Spring has arrived and so has our new Design Collection. At Bolia, we simply love to interpret Scandinavian design in new, exciting and yet unseen ways and our new spring collection welcomes designs so extraordinary that they will last forever.

This season our international team of renowned designers has designed an entire collection of beautiful designs all inspired by three trend universes; each one filled with creativity, craftsmanship and an undivided attention to detail: Urban, Light and Warm. And everything in-between. Spring is here and invites you to fall in love with new, handcrafted designs made from the finest materials. 

Urban Senses encourage you to do everything differently and to find your inner rebel. To turn life upside-down and pay attention to your blurred, yet-so-important senses, and do whatever you want. Youth is a state of mind and the designs are playful, colorful and always challenging your senses. Shapes, structural surfaces and geometric patterns meet materials with an industrial feel and customizable designs in a palette of colorful aesthetics. 

We look back in order to move forward. Slowly. Which allows you time to breathe. Fresh eyes see current designs in a new, beautiful light and brings attention to crafted details and a refined industrial touch. Light minimalism, mindfulness, and focus on craftsmanship brings in a ‘less is more’ mindset that is centered on nature and natural materials. Bended wood, braided natural fibers, and cane weave meet concrete, terrazzo and structured glass.

Go even further back. Back when homes were warm and welcomingly open for new acquaintances. The heaviness of what used to be is mixed with and made modern by the art scene and pushes the boundaries of design. The warmth is turned quirky and celebrates the uniqueness of each design. Homes are curated, staged as your own private gallery. Heavy velvet textiles meet dark wood, colored glass and arty prints for a luxurious, multicultural take on life. 

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Colours of Spring