Summer Soiree

Summer Soiree

There are still plenty of time left to celebrate the summer and each other. We all love summer don’t we? Summer is a time of windows flung open, beach days, watermelon and refreshing drinks, long summer nights with just a few hours of darkness, which leads me to - nothing really beats a celebration thrown as a garden party, BBQ or hangout on a cosy summer night.

Let’s pull out some of the key components of setting the ambience of a great summer soiree.

Inviting your guests

The first impression of the get-together is the invitation. Through the typography, the graphic design and materials try to incorporate the elements you want people to associate the up-coming gathering with. A great and personal invitation will leave them in an early stage of the perfect party mood. 


Decoration and design

When setting for the night you have to decorate and design the outdoor space like any other room in your home for instance thinking of how you want your guest to use and feel in the space. Yes, there is a lot to think about but don’t be scared. In my opinion it’s alright to go a bit overboard with mixing textiles, textures and colours than what you normally would do indoors. A way of choosing how to set the space, which really works for me, is by focusing on creating the dining area, the right lightning and the accessories for setting the table.


The dining area

Think of how formal you want this gathering to be. I would preferably go for rather casual, comfortable and intimate, but combined with a sense of elegance. Try to go for a long communal table where you and your guest can be seated all family-style. A great way to give the space a comfy feeling is to add some textiles by adding big rugs underneath the table. The rugs can be used whether you choose to sit on real chairs or at the ground. Sitting on the ground is a remarkable possibility of creating a very casual and intimate mood for the night. If you choose to make the table low-to-the-ground and you make your guests sit cross-legged on the ground, just make sure to have a bunch of fluffy pillows so you’ll be able to change position and be comfortable during the night. 


I find that light is so important when you want to set a special mood and ambience. If it is possible I would usually go for soft light from pendants and a lot of bulb string lights. The strings of lightning bulbs could either hang over the table to give a feeling of a starry sky or be attached to stakes surrounding the dining area for a more rustic ambience. Of course: don’t go down on the candlelights. Use them around in the garden or as part of the centrepiece.


Setting the table

If going for a more mixed and colourful seating area, I would choose to set a more simplistic table choosing a neutral table top that makes the rest of the dining elements pop and stand out. Choose stylish but simple dinnerware and serving pieces. If you want to incorporate a bit of colour you could either find glassware in organic colours like light green or blue or a special type of cutlery. Just make sure the colourful elements harmonize with each other and it will adorn the long table and its seated guests. I would always try to incorporate seasonal floras to add organic and colourful elements to the simplistic table setting. Choosing rustic vases to house the flowers in order to make them more eye dragging on the table. And of course, remember to leave an inviting and mouth-watering menu upon the dinner plate, maybe accompanied by a freshly chopped green twig in line with the flowers.  

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