Sustainable upholstery fabrics

Sustainable upholstery fabrics

At Bolia, all our designs are handmade, customised for you and made from the finest materials. Our sofas and furniture designs are quality controlled before they leave the factory to end up in your home. You can choose between many colourful, sustainable fabrics and traceable leather varieties when you select upholstery for your new piece of furniture. All to give you furniture that endures. Among our many sustainable upholstery fabrics, you will find two very special fabrics: Axus and Bergo.



Bergo is one of our most sustainable upholstery fabrics, made from 98% recycled plastic bottles. It's also 100% free of hazardous chemicals, produced with minimal environmental impact and no new raw materials are used in the production. This unique and eco-friendly material has a high abrasion resistance with a Martindale score of 100,000 - on a scale where 10,000 is recommended for a normal home and 100,000 and above is recommended for busy airports and hotels. Therefore, you can clothe your new sofa in Bergo with a good conscience, safe in the knowledge that it will last for many years to come.

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Axus is a gorgeous Italian upholstery fabric, made from 32% recycled cotton and 15% linen. The weaving mill that produces Axus uses solar power for a large proportion of its production to reduce CO2 emissions. Axus combines natural fibres with synthetic ones, thereby combining the best of both worlds and creating an organic uphostry fabric with high durability and long lifespan. In combination with the sustainable production methods, Axus is an upholstery fabric of the highest quality and a natural, eco-friendly choice.

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