The leather sofa – your timeless and trusted companion

The leather sofa – your timeless and trusted companion

Some things in life seem to rise above whimsical ever-changing fads and dictated trends. Some things in life withstand decades of aesthetic changes with unalterable charm and exclusivity that only become more appealing as the years go by. Some things in life possess a quality and a design that cause you to fall in love with them again and again.

A leather sofa follows you through your entire life and is always there for you when you need a soft embrace and a break from everyday life. When you choose a material like leather, you can look forward to a trusted companion that'll keep you company for many years, and will keep its age almost as well as you do. Just like you, a leather sofa gains more personality and charm over the years, and a patinated sofa adds life and warmth to your home.

Classic elegance for a modern home

Despite its timeless quality, it has to be said that leather is pretty fashionable these days. Leather is particularly compatible with the modern, minimalistic style that is gracing the exclusive new buildings around the country – with an airy and open-minded design language and a less-is-more attitude. It's in this forum, with plenty of space and air around it and a good sense of detail, that a nice leather sofa really comes into its own. Classical elegance never goes out of fashion, and can add refined grace and exclusive charm to even the most modern, minimalistic home. 

Experience your leather sofa

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and that's certainly the case when you're looking for inspiration for your upcoming leather sofa. Yes, we can go on about the interaction between design, colours and materials, but to give you the most realistic impression of how a specific sofa would interact with your home, your other furniture and, not least, your personality, it has to be experienced. And that's exactly what you can do in our online shop.

If you've fallen in love with a particular model, you can give your creativity a free hand with our design-yourself feature. You can be quite sure that a red leather sofa will create a completely different expression in your home than, for example, a classic brown or black sofa. However, one common factor they all share is that our Italian luxury leather, Quattro Traceable, will patinate in an incredibly beautiful way and just gain more personality over time. Your lifelong friendship with your leather sofa starts here.

How to style your sofa

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