The Spring Collection 2019

The Spring Collection 2019

Our 2019 spring collection is a fusion of excellent craftsmanship, sustainability and timeless design. It has been developed by some of the world's most talented designers, with the desire to create beautiful designs that suit small homes, larger homes and public spaces.


Meet two new dining tables, Ribbon and Graceful and a Japanese-inspired dining chair, Kimono. Ribbon is a stylish dining table with elegant details and a pull-out mechanism on runners that makes it possible for just one person to unfold the table. Graceful, on the other hand, features a solid, unbroken tabletop for a clean expression, and the extension leaf is added at the end of the table. Both dining tables can be joined by our new moulded dining table chair, Kimono, whose graphic expression is perfect for decorating the dining table or on its own as a soft welcome in the entrance hall – or any other dining chair you own, or dream of owning from our new or previous collections.


More variants of old favourites: Orb solitaire, Luxe series, Qual upholstery in new colours and much more.

A small adjustment, a new colour, a new material or a new version. Our old classics have been given a little extra attention, like the Orb lamp now with a black base. Place it alone in the corner of the living room, or hang it with other pendants at different heights for a playful look. Our Luxe series is also available in new variants. All furniture with drawer modules have soft-close function, reinforcing the quiet luxury that characterises the series. In other words; a few adjustments of old favourites guarantee the new versions a status as new classics. 


What is spring without new beginnings and renewal? Our spring collection gives you a head-start on the lighter, warmer and longer evenings by making your decor ready for spring right now. And why not start with dramatic flowerpots with an eye-catching design that brings out the best in your plants in the most beautiful way. And vice versa?


The entire collection from dining tables to sofas to flowerpots, is based on the idea of ’less is more’. Fewer designs with an increased focus on quality and sustainability. That's why, for example, Graceful dining table is made from FSC-certified wood.


Heima x Bolia

Bolia meets new heights