The studio flat's central stage

The studio flat's central stage

Have you been accepted to study your dream course? You'll soon be starting the next chapter of your life, striking up interesting new acquaintances and getting inspired by exciting new knowledge and academic input. Although the excitement at the thought of ​​moving away from home is most probably huge, the place in your future home may not be.  But this doesn't mean you can't create a welcoming and stylish new home. On the contrary.

To make the most of your perhaps limited space while making a positive step towards your dream interior design, it's a good idea to think in terms of stylish and practical furniture that has several functions. By choosing a few select furniture items, you also avoid overcrowding your apartment while creating a tasteful and minimalistic vibe.  One of these essential items that combines comfort, aesthetics and multifunctionality is a sofa bed with chaise longue. 

Comfortable seats and sweet dreams

Are you ready for fun parties, cosy get-togethers and cosy coffee dates? A sofa bed with chaise longue gives you plenty of space for your friends, enabling you to have as much fun and shenanigans as you like. And when the good atmosphere escalates or a single glass of red wine turns into several, the sofa can easily and quickly be converted to a comfortable sofa bed. Your guests will certainly thank you for choosing a sofa bed with a chaise longue. 

A sofa bed with chaise longue is a real lounger that's perfect for spreading the right atmosphere for relaxation and fun. The extra space will be an added incentive for inviting friends for movie nights or relaxing after a delicious dinner or a long day of studying. If you live in a smaller studio flat, you have another excellent reason for choosing a sofa bed with chaise longue, as it's brilliantly practical and optimises the use of your space perfectly. 

Compose your dream sofa

A sofa with chaise longue is an easy way to create great style in your home. Alone because of its size, it usually takes a central position, making it even more important to carefully consider the sofa's design, colour and material. 

With our design-self feature, you have the opportunity to try different variations and get an impression of the infinite combination possibilities. You can use the feature to design your own personal dream sofa, which will follow you through your studies and into the future. 

The leather sofa – your timeless and trusted companion