Trendguide Autumn 2017

Trendguide Autumn 2017

We know that the coolest trend in the world is the one created by you. You, and no one else. We just really love Scandinavian Design and can’t help ourselves passing that on to you as inspiration. Therefore, here is the brand new trendguide introducing you to three new style groups, serving you this season’s hottest material, coolest colours and most chunky designs. Enjoy!

Let your mind wander in the city’s most vibrant corners. Explore the unexplored and seek into the industrial hiding places. Walk around the city, and you will experience the trendy story of Nordic City embedded in industrial craft. Here focus is on industrial materials and surfaces such as perforated metal, structural paint, concrete, iridescent surfaces, casted thick glass with mould marks and oxidised metallic. This trend is both young and playful alongside raw and edgy. The perfect city life designs.

The story of Nordic Light is a discovery into the trends from Japanese Simplicity. You will experience the clean lines known from Scandinavian culture merged with the simple, minimalistic and yet exclusive Japanese style. Nordic Light is composed of beautiful and simple materials made with wicker details in rattan, light wooden frames, brass and gold, marble and a tailored look.

Nordic Warm will take you back to the luxurious and playful 70’s. This trend emphasis lush textiles, curvy forms, brown and red marble, brass, extravagance, dark wood and a powerful wave of love. Let yourself fall in love with designs that exudes luxury and decadence.

Colour splash & new mix

Summer Soiree