Velvet is (still) the new black

Velvet is (still) the new black

Buttery-soft velvet oozes of elegance. It radiates glamour and decadence. For years we’ve been used to the light, pale pastels that have defined the Scandinavian style, but the last seasons we’ve moved in a rather different direction. Dark, dim and heavy tones are increasingly sneaking their way in. They are lingering on the doorstep of our homes, waiting to be invited in. Fortunately, this doesn't mean our homes now have to be dark and heavy. A dark blue velvet sofa can be stunning in the right room, just as a pale velvet chair can radiate lightness and elegance.

We can't get enough decadence, extravagance and luxury. A dark-blue velvet sofa can easily become the most prominent, eye-catching element in a large room. Extravagance is showcased at its best when a rich velvet sofa is combined with exclusive marble details, green accessories and a splash of gold. Don't hold back if your idea of heaven on earth is a royal room where glamour and luxurious velvet are paramount.

The ultra-soft and luxurious velvet looks like it's been taken straight out of the swinging seventies. Go the whole hog with a dark red velvet that looks stunning combined with burnt orange, delicate pink and heavy marble. This colourful cocktail is brimming with bubbling happiness, and is perfect if you're not afraid to embrace colour. Do you dare go all-in? Then try sprinkling an extra dash of extravagance over your home by painting walls in dark colours, adding geometric shapes, playing with floral wallpapers, mixing velvet and finish off with shiny metals. 

There's no reason why heavy velvet should be restricted to large, decadent rooms. Light pastel-coloured velvet possesses a certain sweetness and femininity, which creates a wonderfully luxurious feeling. A pale pink velvet pouf and gorgeous pastel velvet cushions, combined with leafy plants, give your room a light and luxurious touch. Velvet is a graceful fabric, and smaller furniture items and soft accessories will add the perfect combination of style and comfort to your home. 

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