Virtual possibilities – Bolia AR

Virtual possibilities – Bolia AR

Did you know that we've developed an AR app that uses 3D technology to let you experience a wide range of our sofas in your own home, in their actual size, colour and shape? Together with skilled developers, we've created an AR app that's compatible with iOS operating systems on iPhone 6s and newer versions. Explore the app, sofas and much more.

The Bolia AR app uses smart technology to allow you to see one of these ten sofas: Scandinavia, Noora, Cosima, Lomi, Hannah, North, MR. BIG, Jerome and Caisa – in their actual size, in your own home. Download the app and design the sofa of your dreams by choosing from different models, colours, furniture coverings and frames.


Play around with all the options until you've put together your very own dream sofa. Then simply scan the floor where you'd like your sofa to be placed and you can now experience what your new sofa would look like with the rest of your decor.

Explore the possibilities with confidence at your own pace and experiment freely with different styles before making the final decision.

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A sofa is a gathering point – a place for peace, relaxation and switching off, and a sofa gives you space for immersion and reflection, allowing you to step down in gear and focus. And this brings commitments.

That's why all our sofas are made of durable, quality materials and designed by the most talented designers who bring Scandinavian furniture design to new heights. Each and every sofa is customised to your specific wishes, dreams and needs, and our furniture manufacturers build every sofa with equal amounts of passion, precision and skilled craftsmanship. All to create a piece of furniture you can look forward to, year after year.

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