Care guides

Over time, a sofa will change shape and appearance, just like you and I, but here we have put together a few some tips on how you can care for your sofa so that you can live together for many years to come.

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Our selected upholstery fabrics are made from natural or synthetic fibres. We select fabrics based on requirements for material and quality, and we know how important it is that cleaning is easy and that the fabric is durable.

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Our care set for textiles protects upholstered furniture and other textiles in an effective and gentle way.

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Our leather materials are 100% pure and natural products, carefully selected from the best suppliers in Europe. No hides are the same, which gives the material character and a unique organic expression.

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Our care set for leather has been designed for cleaning and washing leather in the most effective way. It can be used on all types of leather, which we have in our collection.

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The big question is what kind of fabric you want on your new sofa. Decisions, decisions, we know. But it’s fun choosing from our huge range of colourful textiles and soft leathers.

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Our collection is manufactured by hand using the finest natural materials, such as wood, metal, glass, linoleum, marble, veneer and concrete as well as a lot of love. All materials must be treated in a special way. But do not worry. We have given this thought.

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