Green Living

With inspiration drawn mainly from the Scandinavian seasons, we wanted to recreate the tranquillity you experience in nature. That feeling of instant relaxation and presence you have on walks along the water and in the forest. That's why we seek to replicate this sensory experience by creating small, dynamic breathing spaces and sanctuaries with flowerpots, plant pots and beautiful vases. Explore all the new additions to our Green Living collection here and create your own green spaces.

Bulk is a series of vases, dishes and tealight holders designed by the design duo Steffensen & Würtz, who have drawn inspiration from nature and its many forms and structures. The characteristic bubbles that form the base are reminiscent of a beautiful Scandinavian forest floor, while the matt surface completes the natural expression.





Grove Series

Grove is a series of flowerpots designed to create small green breathing spaces in the home. Careful thought has gone into the distinctive shape of each pot to give each plant optimal living conditions, while the calming aesthetic is designed not to steal attention, but rather to compliment the plant in its new home. A carefully thought-out design made of natural and durable materials. A design that will age gracefully, and which effortlessly balances beauty with purpose.



Kateryna Sokolova designed the Una series with one clear aim: to create the perfect vase that would fit all types of bouquets. This is how Una was born. Different shapes, sizes and heights, which you can creatively combine and fit into one another. The oval cylindrical shapes fit into the rounder vases and give you plenty of freedom. Meanwhile, each vase achieves the one goal the designer set out: to create a vase that fits all flowers of any shape, shape and height.



Forma is a series of expertly crafted tableware, beautiful vases and bowls, all with a distinctive, high-quality appearance. Each item combines a square base with a rounded top, giving the series a harmonious yet cheerful look. Inspired by minimalist Japanese design and rich traditions, Forma is handmade in durable stoneware, giving the series a timeless allure that will transcend current trends and fads.



Gap Series

Gap is a series of flower pots designed by German design duo BÖTTCHER & KAYSER. The idea behind the design was to create something aesthetically pleasing with a clear function and purpose. Gap can therefore be stacked to create a green landscape at different heights and levels. The characteristic chamfer gives the design a slimmer exterior, which is raised by the cylindrical, spacious top. Gap is available in different colours, surfaces and sizes, giving you creative freedom.




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