Ripple is a series of beautiful mirrors with an architectural appearance. Each mirror is inspired by the semicircular curved windows of the Roman era. A subtle imitation with an elegant and modern touch. The mirrors are designed to function as stand-alone pieces and as a creative row of reflective mirrors. Crafted from elegant and durable materials, Ripple will enhance your interior for years to come.



Shift Mirror Series

Designed by German design duo kaschkasch, the Shift mirror series radiates elegance, simplicity and stringency. With different shapes and material configurations, the series offers plenty of variety to suit every possible style.



Racquet is a series of handmade mirrors designed by Oliver Schick and made of steam-bent wood that is curved around the actual mirror. A complicated technique that adds an elegant and cheerful touch to make each mirror completely unique. The series is inspired by the shape of tennis rackets, which can be seen in the beautiful tip. An elegant and organic design made from materials of the finest quality




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