Green Living & vases

Nature is our greatest source of inspiration, which is why we explore the potential of nature by creating small curated breathing spaces that call for naturalness and tranquility. And we believe that green oases indoors can help to create balance and tranquility, helping you recharge after your busy but beautiful everyday life.

Hour Vase: Designed by 201 Design Studio

Hour is a series of vases, bowls and candleholders inspired by the silhouette of the hourglass and the transient quality of time. With its pure and fine beauty, Hour highlights the little details in life and the fragility of time and taste. A sculptural design language with beautiful contours designed to slow things down, and its elegant and beautiful exterior that's created to put life on hold for a moment.

Bramble Vase: Designed by Design Studio NIRUK

Bramble's beautiful and distinctive appearance was the result of an antique waffle iron that was used to create the prototype. Today, a special mould is used to replicate the process, and each vase is blown in this form, giving each vase a unique quality with a distinctive surface and bubbling structure. Bramble is also made from 100% pure sand, which ensures a stronger and higher quality than recycled glass.

Bulk Vase: Designed by Steffensen & Würtz

Bulk is a series of vases designed by the design duo Steffensen & Würtz, who have drawn inspiration from the many forms and structures found in nature. The base comprises a distinctive bubbled design that is reminiscent of a forest floor, while the matte surface completes the natural expression. The vase is handmade in mouth-blown glass of the highest quality, which reinforces the vase's authentic sense of craftsmanship and makes each design unique.