Our new collection of dining table and table setting designs are subtle icons of everyday life. Every single design is inspired by the tranquil and fragile Scandinavian nature and created to bring the serenity of nature into your home. Explore all the elegant new designs below.

Forma Service: Designed by Ferriani Sbolgi

Forma is a series of crafted tableware with a distinctive and high-quality expression. Each piece fuses a square base with a rounded top, offering a harmonious and yet playful expression to the series. Forma is inspired by the minimalist Japanese design language and rich traditions and handcrafted from durable stoneware for a timeless appeal that will outlast trends and tendencies.

Zeppelin Cutlery: Designed by Yonoh Creative Studio

Zeppelin is an elegant series of cutlery made from high-quality steel. Each piece is crafted in solid steel and shares a soft rounded shape, giving the design a timeless and graceful feel. The light handle, curved shapes and slightly marked edges create a comfortable grip and elegant profile.

Rheolog Carafe & Glass: Designed by jüngerkühn

Rheolog is a series of carafes and glasses of the strongest quality designed by Jüngerkühn. The carafe is made from high polished stainless steel, and carries clear references to the organic, smooth shapes as seen in nature. The simplistic glasses are made of mouthblown crystal glass, without glare, emphasising the high quality and sleek design with both organic yet modern notes reflected in both design and material choices.

Unio Trays: Designed by BÖTTCHER & KAYSER

Unio is an elegant range of trays and boxes made of oiled oak. Each box can be used alone, but they fit perfectly into the tray too, which can also be used as decorative storage for your bits and bobs. Small cut-out details on each side of the tray function as discreet handles without interrupting the tray's elegant and simple outline.

We have introduced a new sustainable packaging for our new accessory collection. The packaging is made from paper with a sustainable soy print and it is so durable and beautiful that it can be used for storing all your little knick-knacks at home. We are busy making our furniture packaging even better too. 

In all our showrooms and offices, we use low energy consuming light sources, we are serving organic tea, coffee and chocolate and we have just started testing a new rent-a-design concept in our Berlin store, and much more.

We are happy to be teaming up with other good people who are just as passionate as us when it comes to changing things for the better. Like US based Steelcase, FSC Denmark, The organisation Sustainable Brands, Upcycling Forum Denmark and many more.   

We are on a thrilling sustainable journey and every day we make new sustainable choices – all the way from the beautiful minds of our designers to the coffee we serve in our stores.

Inspired by the vivid and beautiful Scandinavian nature, we’re unfolding the beautiful normality of everyday life and inviting you on a journey of tranquillity, beautiful details and serenity. Get inspired on how to create the perfect backdrop with, among other things, the Arcs and Silhoutte series.