A change to something better

A change to something better

As consumers, we are more aware and passionate than ever. About the products we buy, where they are made, by whom, in which materials – and how long they last. Transparency, quality and durability are the driving forces that underpin many of the choices we make.


We are proud to be on an inspiring journey towards a more sustainable design industry, and we love to experiment, learn new things, find new solutions and reduce our footprint on the world around us.

Dive into our sustainability strategy, read about our values and ambitions, our durable and natural materials, our new partnerships and specific actions to make a difference and create something better.

We are a creative company that works purposefully to reduce our footprint and to look after all the people who are part of our design universe. And we love to set ourselves tough goals. Explore our specific strategies and read about how we work with sustainability here.

We are inspired by the nature that surrounds us, its tactile materials, muted tones, calm atmosphere and stunning landscapes. Discover the durable and certified materials that make our designs stand out.

We believe that one of the most important things we can do to reduce our footprint is to create designs made from such good materials and high quality that they last for generations. That is why we can confidently give you a 10-year warranty on every single design in the collection.