Sustainability strategy

At Bolia, we are radical optimists who believe that with cooperation, creativity and a positive attitude, we will find new ways to tackle our current challenges. We are not perfect, but we are always moving towards something better, and we love to share our creativity and passion for conscious, sustainable and healthy choices. Being open, transparent and honest – making it easier for you to make the right choices.

We love to improve and set ourselves tough goals. That's why we enjoy looking for inspiration, advice and sparring from creative partners to ensure that we include independent perspectives that can challenge us. For example, we are members of amfori BSCI, who ensure that we comply with all the national regulations in our production – and that our important craftsmen, from weavers to glassblowers and forest workers, have a safe and valuable working life. We also work with our innovative friends from BuildBackBetter, FSC Denmark and MÅLBAR, who help us calculate the climate impact of our designs – throughout their entire value chain.

Meet our partners

Ambitions and specific goals

We follow an ambitious sustainability strategy, with specific goals and actions that – day by day and year by year – give us much more of everything we love: beautiful and durable Scandinavian design, new creative possibilities, sustainable materials, a smaller footprint and happier partners, colleagues and customers around the world. Read more about our focus areas below.