With sustainability as a starting point

Every new design in our collection starts with us sending a creative brief to our designers. This describes our wishes for new designs as well as for further development of our existing products and design series.

And as an important parameter, we ask our designers to incorporate sustainable solutions into the development of their products. This applies to durability, choice of materials, construction, component design and overall climate footprint.
And from the initial sketches to the final design, it takes roughly 18 months for the idea to be carefully thought through, designed, tested, perfected and finally constructed. Because of this, we only launch new designs that are meticulously crafted and designed to last.

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We love making our designs even better and taking our most popular series in new directions. For example, we have redesigned our classic Scandinavia sofa – designed by Glismand and Rüdiger in 2007 – so that it now comes with a fully removable cover. This significantly extends the lifetime, both because the upholstery is the part of a sofa, which is most exposed to wear and tear, but also because replacing a fabric cover allows the design to live much longer in your interior. Which uses far less resources than replacing an entire sofa.

New designs in sustainable materials

With an increased focus on creating products in certified and eco-friendly materials, our designers naturally also create designs with this in mind. For example, our Seed chair, where the seat is cast in 100% waste plastic – which in addition to being a more sustainable material, also has unique aesthetic qualities.


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Many of our new designs are created with replaceable components, which ensures that a design can easily be repaired instead of being discarded. For example, every component of the Elton sofas is replaceable and can be mended separately.


Care and maintenance

We want to make it easy for you to take care of your furniture. That is why we offer a range of care products that your furniture will love. With the right care, most furniture can last for generations. Wood, marble and leather slowly dry out and need to have oil applied to them on a regular basis. Textiles need cleaning and protecting from time to time. The foam in sofas needs beating occasionally. Our Care videos will guide you through how to use the care products and give you other great tips for maintaining your designs.