Natural materials

From the peaceful Scandinavian flatland's and the wild mountains, to the green, refreshing beech forests and the subtle earth-toned fields of waving reed. From the warm summer nights and the bright cold winters to the windswept autumn days to the first rays of sun during spring.Honest and sustainable materials, all crafted, tailored and perfected by hand and turned into beautiful timeless designs. Thought-through details and long-lasting quality wrapped in a peaceful universe of soft and welcoming earth-toned colours. All designed to create calm, luxurious and beautiful spaces.With a soothing backdrop, we wish to create the opportunity for you to slow down and rewind. That is why our materials are clean and sustainable, and our fabrics are comfortably soft and inviting.

As cities sprawl and lives become busier, opportunities to explore green breathing spaces are becoming few and far between – but we are all finding new ways to re-connect to nature. It's time to bring sustainability, natural materials, calmness and brightness into our homes, our workspaces and our lives.

We love working with natures finest materials. From FSC-certified solid wood like oak, walnut and ash to traceable leathers, certified wool and recycled materials. And from marble, concrete, ceramics, terracotta, glass and porcelain to linen, felt, French weave, hemp and cork.

Our furniture designs are handmade by some of the most skilled craftsmen and cabinetmakers in Europe. The vast majority of wood is FSC-certified, all our leather variants are 100% traceable and our fabrics are certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. All inspired by nature's pure and authentic materials, tones and motifs that invite calmness and relaxation.

FSC®-certified designs

In Bolia, we believe that quality materials result in long-lasting furniture. That's why we work with FSC-certified wood, and most of the wood we use is FSC certified ensuring that the wood comes from legal and sustainable forestry, where nature is looked after and the workers in the forests have decent working conditions. Our wood is also hand-picked and carefully checked to ensure it meets the high quality that you and we expect.

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We're inspired by the nature around us – and our various sustainable upholstery fabrics help us to look after it. Our upholstery fabrics are all certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which ensures that no dangerous chemicals are used in their production, our leather variants are 100% traceable and are of the highest quality.

In our collection, you'll also find several sustainable upholstery fabrics made from either recycled materials, produced from solar energy, or manufactured without using any new raw materials in the production. See them all here.

    • Bergo

      Bergo is a unique upholstery fabric. It's made from recycled polyester made of plastic bottles. This ensures that no new raw materials are used, and production focuses on minimising energy consumption and the use of biodegradable chemicals. Bergo is 100% free of heavy metals and is also certified according to the EU Ecolabel and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

    • Axus

      Axus is a gorgeous Italian upholstery fabric, made with 32% recycled cotton and where the weaver mill uses solar power for a large proportion of its production to reduce CO2 emissions. Specially chosen to give you the option of covering your furniture in a beautiful and environmentally-friendly fabric.

    • Ocean

      Ocean is a special furniture fabric with unique qualities that can be seen in the dye, where even the smallest parts are dyed before the threads are spun. This is a completely unique quality to Ocean, making it a fabric with incredibly high light fastness. Ocean has a soft surface structure and is 100% free of PFC, and manufactured without the use of water in production, which gives Ocean a more sustainable origin. Ocean is also certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®, which ensures its quality and durability.

    • Gaja C2C

      Gaja C2C is the first wool fabric with Cradle to Cradle Silver certification™. Cradle to Cradle is a certification where the designs are evaluated on the material's health, the recyclable properties of the material, the use of renewable energy, water management and social fairness on a larger scale. Gaja C2C is made of New Zealand wool and manufactured without the use of any hazardous chemicals. The fabric is also STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified and has been awarded the EU Ecolabel. Gaja C2C is our most sustainable furniture fabric, where every single choice has been made with consideration for the environment and our surroundings.

    • Traceable leather

      Our leather is hand-picked, carefully selected and originates from free-range cattle, sourced from producers who give animal welfare high priority. All our leather variants are 100% traceable, and this means that we can ensure the quality and know the journey all the way from the producer's hand right to your living room. In our collection you'll find the luxurious semi-aniline leather, Quattro Traceable, which is lightly surface treated, along with Austin Nubuck and Sydney Traceable, both of which are aniline leather with a particularly soft and tactile quality. Austin and Sydney require a different kind of care than Quattro. Read more about care of leather here.

    Sustainability forms the backbone of everything we do, and every single design is crafted from natural and authentic materials. That's why all our rugs carry the Care & Fair label, which ensures proper and accessible schooling and medical care for the weavers and their families in the countries where our rugs are produced.

    Inspired by the beautiful colours and tranquil moods of nature, we explore materials like linen and cotton, which each have their own unique way of adding incredible softness and comfort to the design. In our luxurious Soft Collection, all the designs are made of 100% natural and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified linen and cotton for a natural softness and superior quality.

    European production

    We work with the most skilled specialists and cabinetmakers and upholsterers who have refined their craftsmanship over generations. And 90% of our collection is produced in Europe by local manufacturers who prioritise the use of natural and sustainable production, with many using solar power and residual waste as their primary energy sources.

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