Bolia B2B Partner

Being part of a global social community, we are excited to experience an increasing interest and demand for our designs from around the world. Therefore, we have initiated a partner opportunity on new markets.

In order to initiate a partnership with, we require that:

- You have one or more established physical interior design stores.

- You have a passion for Scandinavian Design.

- You have a solid financial background.

- Your store carries other strong Nordic furniture brands.

If your interest for a partnership is evoked and you fulfil the criteria above, please send us an e-mail with relevant information about your store and we will contact you in order to continue the dialogue. Please send the e-mail to

We are really excited to be working with you, and we cannot wait to hear from you. We are here to help and assist you and your customers with anything and everything. You can get a hold of us either by phone or by email at Our opening hours are:

Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm CET

If you have questions regarding contract sales, please send an email to us at Remember that local rules and regulation may apply.

If you want to come say hello, you can find us at the head quarter in the center of Aarhus:

Bolia International A/S
Vaerkmestergade 11.1
DK-8000 Aarhus C
VAT: DK25451996


At Bolia, most of our furniture is designed and handmade in Denmark and by selected furniture producers in Europe. All of our furniture is made subject to stringent quality controls and good environmental and manufacturing conditions.

Each piece of furniture holds some of the soul and sense of quality that can only be found in furniture that has been made by hand by skilled professionals with a pride in their workmanship.

We believe that not only does high quality mean developing great products for our customers, but also that our customers should recognise us as a good and trustworthy company.

Taking responsibility for how the environment and people around us are affected by our company activities is an important part of our daily operations, and for our future development. We are constantly finding new areas for both major and minor improvements, but we are on the right track and believe that every little bit count.

We are a design hungry, international home furnishings company with humble Danish beginnings, but with grand international ambitions.

Since opening our first showroom in 2000, we have evolved to a fully integrated chain of design stores based around an innovative digital web shop concept. We have a raft of physical stores in both Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany and an ambitious expansion plan ahead of us.

The Bolia Design Team develops around 200 new home furnishing designs every year and throughout autumn and spring we introduce our new inspiring collections.

ln addition to that, our collection of furniture and life styles products is available for all European markets in our online shop, and sold in exclusive design stores around the world.

We put creativity and positivity at the core of everything we do, and we cannot wait to show you where that takes us.

What is done in love is done well