Terms & Conditions

Below you will find information about our trade terms and conditions in regards to payment and delivery. If you have any questions or need further information about our general terms and conditions, you are more than welcome to contact us.

The payment terms are net 30 days against credit insurance. If credit insurance is not a possibility, payment terms are 100% prepayment. Prepayment must be made within 24 hours of placing an order. Prepayment orders will not go into production before payment has been received.

All payments should be made via bank transfer to

Bolia International A/S
Vaerkmestergade 11, 1
8000 Aarhus C

Nordea Bank

IBAN: DE59514303002153840001        


Please mark payments with the order- or invoice number, and please be aware of any local fees that your bank may charge.  

We always invoice in Euro (EUR)

In order to keep the high standards of the Bolia.com brand, there is a digital code of conduct you have to adhere to, to be a Bolia partner.



Always use the updated logos sent to you from Bolia or download the logos from Bolia.com. It is not allowed to tamper with or amend a Bolia logo in any way.


Always feature the latest product images created by Bolia.com. These can be downloaded directly from Bolia.com (https://www.bolia.com/en/press). It is not allowed to tamper with or amend any images.

Social Media

It is not allowed to create any accounts / pages on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. using the trademark of Bolia.com, e.g. Bolia Italy, Bolia Manchester, Bolia Sofa Page. Neither is it allowed to use and develop your own hashtags (#) using the Bolia name or themes, eg. #NoOneLivesLikeYouInBologna. But you are of course welcome to create accounts in your own company’s name.

Domains and URLs

It is not allowed to create domains, where “Bolia” is part of the domain name, e.g. www.boliasofa.com, www.buyboliafurniture.com or www.BoliaItaly.com.

You are allowed to create URLs, where “Bolia” is not a part of the domain name, e.g.  www.sellingsofas.com/Bolia


If Bolia.com is not present in your market with our own stores, you are allowed to use “Bolia.com” or “Bolia” as a part of your AdWords keywords. If or when Bolia.com plans to enter a market and intend to use “Bolia” or “Bolia.com” as a part of our own AdWords strategy, you will receive a notification at least 6 months prior, to let you know that you are no longer allowed to use “Bolia.com” or “Bolia” as a part of your AdWords marketing. You are of course still welcome to use keywords such as sofas, tables, furniture, design etc.

If you use the trademark “Bolia” in a way which is stated as “not allowed” in the above, Bolia HQ will ask you to rename or shut down your domain/facebook page/AdWords immediately.

Please ask Bolia HQ if you’re in doubt - we are always here to help.

And thanks for helping us making Bolia.com better!

All our products are handmade and customized for you and your customers with the following lead time for shipment from or pick up at LGT in Horsens, Denmark. The lead times mentioned below are approximate. You will be informed of the first possible delivery time during the ‘checkout’-process on the partner platform.

Upholstery (e.g. sofas and armchairs)
4-6 weeks

Wooden furniture
2-3 weeks

Accessories, rugs, lamps
2-3 weeks (please note that some accessories are only sold in pre-defined pack sizes)

All prices are quoted Ex Works (EXW LGT Horsens, Denmark).

At the moment we can offer delivery to almost all locations in Europe. Please contact us for more information.

Pick up in Horsens

If we do not offer delivery to your locatin, you should pick up your goods at the LGT Warehouse located in Horsens,Denmark. 

LGT Logistics A/S
Orionvej 18
8700 Horsens
Your contact is logistik@lgtlogistics.dk

Transportation and Packaging

We recommend that you use a transportation company with experience in handling furniture. Moreover, we advise that you consider purchasing additional packaging if necessary.