Jobs & career

No matter what country or city we call home. In our company we´re all a part of this happy house we call Bolia. We work as one big team, challenge the usual, always do our best and help each other along the way. One company with one goal: Satisfied customers all over the world.

You have the possibility to be part of our exciting global journey.  If you have a passion for selling Scandinavian Design, want to share your creativity, make your voice heard and implement positive changes – we are looking at you.

If you’re into keeping it going, keeping it simple, keeping at the top of your game focusing on sales, service and customer happiness, then this may be something for you.

If you love sustainable, designer-made furniture, handcrafted details and if you could see yourself as a part of a Danish design company creating extraordinary and breath-taking things, opening stores all over Europe, and selling fabulous designs around the world, with hearts beating for beauty, quality, and creativity, this may be the place for you.

New possibilities

We dream of a team where we are all on a journey towards a better place, stronger skills and new possibilities. In Bolia there are endless experiences and career opportunities, and no two days are ever alike. If you thrive in a dynamic, creative and customer focused environment, your career is safe with us.

As an employee in a Bolia store, you will enjoy a meaning full job with retail speed, exciting responsibilities and many future career opportunities. You can start as a Sales Consultant and if you have the right leadership skills, you can develop into the position an Assisting Store Manager and then becoming a Store Manager for your own Bolia team and store. As a Store Manager you can also try your skills in new stores in other European cities. You also have the opportunity to develop in a specialist area, such as Visual Merchandiser, and help decorate our design stores across Europe.

If you show extraordinary results your way is paved for international challenges within our company as a Support Store Manager, helping other Bolia Store Managers across Europe up their game. If you do great as a Support Store Manager you can aim for the position as Bolia Sales Manager with the overall responsibility for Bolia stores in multiple countries. You can also develop into a position at our international head office in Denmark, and who knows, one day you might become our next Global CEO.

Every year we are expanding with new design stores in Europe, and we are therefore looking for new, passionate colleagues who want to join our exciting journey.

We also believe that exciting experiences with other Bolia colleagues make a big difference to our corporate culture and development. That's why our employees have the opportunity to participate in building new Bolia stores across Europe. You can apply to participate in a "build up" and in this way get international experiences, stronger skills and new Bolia friends for life

Welcome to a world of design 

Bolia is born in Denmark, and the vivid nature, our Scandinavian design heritage and the vibrant creativity that surrounds us serves as our inspiration, but just like the Scandinavian seasons, we’re not afraid of change. We love to blur the lines of creativity and, together with our collective of independent designers, make our interpretation of the New Scandinavian Design.