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As the world changes and technology provides us with new, better opportunities to meet and collaborate, our working lives become more fluid and we seek the freedom to allow curiosity to drive our creativity and ideas.

At Bolia, we love creating beautiful surroundings, designed to inspire personal development and to explore creativity in a flexible way that allows new perspectives to emerge, and give room for us to stand united to challenge the ordinary. We'd love to have you on our team, and if you'd like to share your passion for Scandinavian design and create positive changes for all our customers and colleagues along the way – then you're the one we’re looking for.

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Formal structures, rigid hierarchies and boring working spaces are a thing of the past. Welcome to 'New ways of working', where both individuality and the community are given space for talking and working, and the focus is on sharing inspiration rather than information. Where ideas are allowed to flow at your own pace and in the environment in which you thrive best. 

We all have important voices, and we share knowledge and ideas to improve our work. And the world we live in. To reinterpret the way we work creates meaningful experiences that help balance life’s joys with an ambitious career where the opportunities are endless. So let’s revolutionise the workplace with new frameworks that create a good foundation for new, sustainable ideas. And let’s make sure that everyone feels involved in processes and decisions – and inspired to take responsibility for each other, our customers and the world around us. This is what we at Bolia call 'power to the people'.

    • A creative dynamic

      Both we and the world around us are constantly changing, which is why we love exploring new ways of working and find new ways, new potential and new opportunities. We proudly call it 'Always in Beta'. We love challenging habits and stagnated ideas with a quest to find new ways to make us cleverer, better, happier and more sustainable. Create something new, share your knowledge and enthusiasm and join our beautiful journey towards something better.

      Having a career at Bolia is about realising that change and development starts with you. The best thing you can do is therefore to face challenges and changes with a positive attitude and an open mind. We offer you the right tools and beautiful framework to develop your talents and create your own development.

    As a colleague in a Bolia store, you'll enjoy a fast-paced, inspiring and meaningful job with many exciting areas of responsibility and many future career opportunities. You can start as a sales consultant, and if you have the right leadership skills, you can become an Assistant Store Manager, and then a Store Manager for your own Bolia team and store. As Store Manager, you can test your skills in new stores in other European cities.

    Every year, we expand with new design stores around Europe, and we therefore look for new, passionate colleagues to join us on our exciting journey.

    We believe that exciting experiences with other Bolia colleagues make a major difference to our corporate culture and development. That’s why our most talented store colleagues will have the opportunity to help build new Bolia stores across Europe. You can apply to participate in a “build up” and in this way enjoy international experiences, strengthen your competencies and make new Bolia friends for life.

    You also have the opportunity to develop your skills within a specialised area, such as Visual Merchandiser, where you help design our design stores throughout Europe. Or you can apply for a position at our international headquarters in Denmark, where you can explore the Scandinavian lifestyle and live in Aarhus.

    If you can demonstrate excellent results, the path is paved for international challenges in our company, such as as Support Store Manager, where you help other Store Managers across Europe raise the bar. And if you do well as a Support Store Manager, you can go for the position of Bolia Sales Manager, which gives you overall responsibility for Bolia stores in several countries. You could also end up in a position at our international head office in Denmark, and who knows, maybe one day you could be our next global CEO.

    • Job at our head office

      As a colleague at our head office, you'll be part of a creative and dynamic family, always on the lookout for new ideas, inspiration and creative solutions. A culture where close cooperation across departments is an integral part of everyday life and where there is room for you to develop and strengthen your skills. This can create new opportunities in your own department or others – if one day you feel like trying out a new position.

      Our workplace is beautiful, flexible, dynamic and inspiring – whether it’s in a store or at the head office – and with space to be be exactly who you are. We love meeting new colleagues who share our passion for sustainable Scandinavian design – and as we diversify and expand our design universe, it creates space to welcome even more people into the small, beautiful design universe we call Bolia.