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Vacant positions

We are on an exciting and successful journey, and every year we expand our business with new design stores. We are therefore looking for new, passionate colleagues in our existing and future stores, as well as in our international headquarters in Denmark.

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Work in a Bolia store

You will find that Bolia is an international design company with positive values, sustainable solutions and a respectful and creative culture.

As a colleague in a Bolia store, you get an inspiring job with fantastic colleagues, an exciting and meaningful working day and plenty of future career opportunities.

Working in-store, your main job is to advise our wonderful customers with a warm and open mind and guide them through our design series, natural materials, peaceful universe and textures, and sustainable options.

At Bolia, we offer an hourly rate of pay that is higher than the applicable salary level, and you will also get a great bonus scheme that is related to both your team’s and your personal performance. You also get the opportunity to buy our collection at very special prices.

Passionate, inspiring, fun and eccentric – all with a shared love for creativity and Scandinavian design. Right now, you can meet some of the personalities who make up our company in the Bolia Portraits series.  You can also take a look inside our international head office, where we explore new ways of working and thinking about office life on a daily basis.

Discover Bolia Portraits

You can start as a sales consultant, and if you have the right leadership skills, you can become an Assistant Store Manager, and then a Store Manager for your own Bolia team and store. As Store Manager, you can test your skills in new stores in other European cities.

We believe that exciting experiences with other Bolia colleagues make a major difference to our corporate culture and development. That’s why our most talented store colleagues will have the opportunity to help build new Bolia stores across Europe. You can apply to participate in a “Build-up” and in this way enjoy international experiences, strengthen your competencies and make new Bolia friends for life.

You also have the opportunity to develop your skills within a specialised area, such as in the role of a Visual Merchandiser, where you help design our design stores throughout Europe.

If you have a clear passion and can demonstrate excellent results, your path will be paved with international challenges in our company, such as the role of Support Store Manager, where you help other Store Managers across Europe raise the bar. And if you do well as a Support Store Manager, you can go for new positions that give you overall responsibility for Bolia stores in several countries.

The opportunities are many, and you're always welcome to get in touch if you have any questions about a vacant position.

Jobs at Bolia headquarters

As a colleague at our headquarters, you'll also be part of a creative and dynamic family, always on the lookout for new ideas, inspiration and creative solutions. A culture where close cooperation across departments is an integral part of everyday life and where there is room for you to develop and strengthen your skills. This can create new opportunities in your own department or others – should you one day want to try a new role in a creative, dynamic and international company.

If you're ever in the vicinity of Værkmestergade in Aarhus, Denmark, please do visit us at our headquarters, where you'll be warmly welcomed with a cup of freshly brewed cup of La Cabra coffee and where you can let yourself be inspired by our colleagues and the interior design of the beautiful historic buildings that date back to 1862.

Formal structures, rigid hierarchies and boring working spaces are a thing of the past. Our working culture embraces both individuality and teamwork, and we focus on sharing inspiration rather than information. Welcome to a workplace where ideas are allowed to flow at your own pace and in the environment that you thrive best in.

We all have important voices, and we share knowledge and ideas to improve our work. And the world we live in. To reinterpret the way we work creates meaningful experiences that help balance life’s joys with an ambitious career where the opportunities are endless. So let’s revolutionise the workplace with new frameworks that create a good foundation for new, sustainable ideas, one that allows us to ensure that everyone feels involved in the processes and decisions – and where we are inspired to take responsibility for each other, our customers and the world around us.

This is what we at Bolia call 'power to the people'.

A meaningful dynamic

We cherish our healthy culture, where there is room for everyone – including you. Having a career at Bolia is about realising that change and development starts with you. The best thing you can do is therefore to face challenges and changes with a positive attitude and an open mind. We offer you the right tools and a beautiful setting in which to develop your talents and create your own development.