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.. and I’m the CEO of International. I live in Denmark with my dear family. My wife and I have three children and we have previously lived and worked 10 years in Brussels and Oslo. I have a history that involves a long and inspiring career in international retail and I have worked in many different countries, from Europe, to the Middle East and Asia. I simply love my work and my colleagues at, and although I have been CEO in Bolia for more than 10 years, every new day is still just as exciting as the first day I stepped into the office.

On top of the world

Once a year I pack my kit and set off on an adventure. I try to climb some of the highest mountains on all continents around the world. It gives me a wealth of experience and is a fantastic way of learning about the farthest corners of the world while testing my own boundaries.

Beyond music, I am also interested in design, art, film, digital innovation and in general whatever is progressive and experimental. These strong impressions and feelings inspire us to express our creativity in and give new energy, fantastic collections and great results for the company, which have contributed to putting in a position among the most innovative design companies and as the leader in cross-channel integration.

We are very proud to have won many awards for innovation and of having been finalists in both the World Retail Awards in London, as well as the European E-Commerce Award in Barcelona, ​​competing head-to-head with some of the biggest brands in the world. When I have the time, I enjoy giving talks about our many ideas at home and abroad. I also find plenty of inspiration through my work as a board member for a number of exciting companies, who want to strengthen their innovation and creativity.

This was a quick insight into some of the things that inspires me, but I am just one of the people behind There are many more of us. We are more than 600 passionate employees working with more than 50 talented designers, 34 skilled manufacturers and more than 150 global dealers. So the creativity is flourishing.

You are welcome follow me on Instagram as @larslyse and follow Bolia on social media platform.

If you would like to join our design journey as either a colleague, a designer or a partner, you are very welcome to write to us and tell us about yourself.

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