Longer lead times

We are more passionate, conscious and selective consumers than ever before. We pay attention to quality, craftsmanship and timeless designs in our quest for things that last for many years. We love clever and sustainable solutions, and it upsets us when resources go to waste.

Buying great quality products - especially furniture and interior - that last for many years, is something we are all particularly passionate about. Now more than ever, as the majority of our time is spent within our home.

At Bolia, we have worked tirelessly the past years to evolve and perfect our quality to make it nothing less than world-class. And given the extremely high demand on furniture combined with a world-wide shortage of quality materials, we are currently challenged. And this is positive.

It means we are looking to shop more sustainably and choose great quality materials in design we can keep for generations. And here at Bolia, on our never-ending journey towards something better, this is one of our biggest dreams and hopes for the future.

Every design in our collection is handcrafted in Europe in materials of the highest quality. And as the global demand for quality materials, especially wood, is rising, the sustainable process of felling, drying and replanting timber is put under pressure – creating delays in our production too. But we will never compromise on our sustainable journey, using only the best materials, like FSC®-certified wood and STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified textiles. Even if it means practicing patience.

Great design with true heirloom potential is fortunately worth a slightly longer wait. And you can be sure, we are doing everything we can to deliver as quickly as possible. We highly appreciate your patience and understanding – and please know that you can always reach out to us, if there is ever anything we can do for you.

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