Product claim

If you've been unlucky and received a defective item, you should complete our claim form.

- Start by downloading the form onto your computer
- Then you need to complete all the details
- Finally, you need to send an email with the complaints form and some attached photos to Bolia Customer Service.

If you have any questions about the complaints form, you are very welcome to call us. You can find our phone number at the bottom of the page.


About product claims
We will consider your claim as quickly as possible and correct it to the best of our ability. Based on your photographs, we will assess whether the complaint is based on a deficiency of manufacturing of material nature, or whether it is due to normal wear and tear.

If we consider that the claim is justified, we will typically be able to correct this with a spare part, repair or replacement. In such cases, we need to find the best solution in partnership with our manufacturer. We will get in touch with you again as soon as we have the best solution.

If the warranty on the product has expired or if you have damaged your Bolia furniture yourself by accident, you are of course still welcome to contact Bolia Customer Service and we will try to correct the problem at the lowest possible cost for you. 

Some Bolia sofas have transportation material fitted to the base of the sofa. This material serves only to protect the sofa from dust during transportation. The material can easily break, which is of no importance and has no practical function. This will not damage the sofa and will therefore not be considered as cause for complaint.
If you, contrary to our expectation, do not agree with our assesment of your claim you are able to have the claim assessed by ODR - Online Dispute Resolution.

If you have additional questions regarding a claim, you are very welcome to call or write to us. We are looking forward to helping you.


Download claim form

At Bolia we know that good materials combined with genuine craftsmanship result in quality, hard-wearing furniture. Therefore, we are now giving a 5-year guarantee on all designs bought after 6 August 2017, and of course our 30-month guarantee will still apply to all designs bought before that date.

When we do something, we don't do it by halves, so naturally the guarantee applies to the entire collection and will cover 5 years from the date you receive your design. The guarantee covers any functional, material or manufacturing defect on the products you buy from Bolia for private use.

If you have purchased products through our online outlet or display furniture from one of our stores, the guarantee also applies, but not to any defects, damage or wear that the products have been sold with.

If you have any further questions or need to take advantage of our product guarantee, you can contact Customer Service.