Milia Seyppel

Milia Seyppel, Germany

I intend to create products that are unique and poetic, simple and playful at the same time. My design plays with dimensions, forms and proportions and I never forget the person that finally uses it.

Theoretically good design is the successful combination of the right material, a smart idea, a simple construction and a wonderful aesthetic. At the same time great design has a personality. Something about it touches us and this makes it volitional to enter peopleĀ“s homes.

It is the greatest compliment for a designer when the design is used and loved by others, which make it a part of their lives.

My inspiration comes from my surroundings and my daily life. I absorb what I see, what I use and what I like; art, music, architecture and different cultures. It could be a construction site around the corner that fascinates me, or a journey to Egypt, the colours I see and the traditional crafts I discover there.

The world is many-sided and this is inspirational to me.