No One Lives Like You

Opening night.
Lights on. Curtains fall.

Are you ready to make an entrance?
The spotlight is yours.

So boldly climb those velvet steps.
Treat every minute as a minute of fame.

Every second as a piece of art.
The world is your stage.

So go ahead, steal the show.
No one lives like you

No One Lives Like You. Think about it – you are the sole example. The same goes for your home. It’s the reflection of you – no rules and no right or wrong. Your home is your playground and your space to do what no other dares to do. Therefore, our designs are made for you, the picky, the choosy, you who know what you want and how you want it. Available in a million ways, and in that special way that fits you. Only you.

Be playful, be silly, be brave and customize the design so it’s created by you, for you. Let your creativity run wild when choosing model, size, cover, color and material. Dare to be different and find your own way of combining and customizing your design. Of course, emphasizing individuality, we’ll handcraft it all especially using our finest materials and a big scoop of love so the only thing you have to worry about is to express your personality and let creativity move in.

We have entered a new chapter. This year we are blurring the lines between design, art, fashion and music. We are re-thinking the way we define New Scandinavian Design and how we visualize our identity and the stuff we feel so passionate about. We are setting the bars for individuality even higher when we take our caption; No One Lives Like You to new, creative standards together with Danish multi talent Oh Land.


The 2018 Lookbook is out now. Grab it while it's fresh

Captured by the award winning Danish fashion photographer, Henrik Bülow and styled by Tine Daring, this year’s look is taking the authentic Scandinavian feel to the next level.