Production and craftsmanship

This year, together with some of the world’s finest designers, we have created a collection focusing on exquisite craftsmanship paired with a contemporary Nordic design twist; honoring the handcraft, sustainability and longevity in every single piece.

We believe being good at one and not the other is too easy. You have to be able to feel the love, sweat and emotions that have been put into every single design, every piece of wood, glass or metal. You have to understand where and how every sourced material is produced, not just to ensure quality at every turn, but to know, and be satisfied, that every piece comes with a clear conscience, ethically and environmentally.


90% of all designs are handmade in Europe, tailor-made to fit all needs or wishes from our customers. We have no warehouses, and no furniture in stock. All design are made-to-order. When you order your chosen design in either one of our concept stores or on, it’s being produced – just for you.

We call it tailor-made, but the decisions are actually made by you. It’s your dreams we are crafting. Because that’s our whole philosophy right there; You can have it however you want it, and there’s nothing wrong with being picky. We like picky. That means you have an opinion and taste. Because there is literally a million ways to combine our designs, sizes, colours and materials. You decide.

So, how about combining the colour that matches your eyes with your favourite handcrafted materials? Or how about adding an extra module in case your family grows? Anything is possible to express your personality. So, when we’re speaking about tailor-made, we actually mean it.

No One Lives Like You.

    • Soul armchair

      Soul is the epitome of classic design – the kind of design that just grows more beautiful over time and holds true heirloom potential. With its solid yet detailed construction, Soul exudes an uninhibited elegance. With carefully considered design details, the renowned German design duo Hertel & Klarhoefer has created a modern design classic. The removable seat is made with the finest grain leather, and the sustainable oak frame features perfectly curved armrests for ideal comfort. Inviting you to take a short retreat from it all, the subtle Nordic design ambitions of the Soul armchair make it a perfect fit for every home.

    • The Bronco vase

      In 2017, Fabio Vogel won the Bolia Design Award with the Bronco vase. The idea was based on creating objects out of fabric covers, to investigate and show what is possible if you combine handcraft with new technology. The foundation of this work has always been the experimental approach and the subject of the project was to create something new, using the power of the element of fire as a designer - with all its destroying yet creative strength.

    • Latch coffee table

      In 2017, Singapore-based Dazingfeelsgood participated in the Bolia Design Award. These young designers had a dream of crafting a piece of furniture whose beauty lies in its irregularities. The result of their efforts was Latch: a sculptural series made from solid oak, featuring a multiplicity of contours and where the diameter of each component is unique. All three legs have different widths and the three table tops are terraced, taking inspiration from the picturesque rice fields of Asia. The Latch coffee table is simple yet extraordinarily experimental at the same time.

    Longevity in all designs

    To ensure optimum product quality and longevity, our furniture production is placed with some of Europe’s finest manufacturers, and all designs made for professional usage is thoroughly tested in collaboration with Bureau Veritas, the world’s leading quality- and certification agency. Here the designs are put through intense strength- and abrasion tests, and all designs are furthermore tested to avoid harmful chemicals.

    • 5 year guarantee

      It´s actually pretty simple. We want you to feel our passion for design, craftsmanship and quality. And we want that feeling to last for years. Therefore, we are pleased to give you a 5-year guarantee on our complete collection, from home accessories to furniture designs.

    • Sustainable quality

      We pay close attention to how our designs come to life. All the way from the source of raw materials to the working conditions for our skilled people on the factory floor. We work with organic and sustainable materials such as solid wood, traceable leather and certified upholstery.

    Never live like someone you’re not