2019 design inspiration

Autumn / Winter 


There are much more to the new collection than honest raw materials, solid craftsmanship and beautiful design. Our new collection has been designed with a strong focus on natural, authentic and sustainable materials. We have refined our new designs from inside and out - from the choice of sustainable raw materials, to beautiful features and inspiring details and by strengthening the craftsmanship and longevity in the making of every single piece.


We are in love with solid wood, stainless steel and refined metal constructions, full grain leather, ceramics and terracotta, light and airy glass and the ever-classical marble. The colours are luxurious and exclusive. Don’t you worry. Earth colours, grey tones, browns, warm reds, dark greens and blues combined with soft pastels such as nude, sand, green, soft pale yellow and baby rose. All contrasted by some clear yellow, blue, red and greens to spice up the calm Nordic universe.


This year, four different collection themes defined in style groups will hit the spotlight; Silent North, Nature Noir, Poetic Luxury and Urban Retro.

    • Silent North

      This year we will soften up the minimalistic with a sense of slightly understated luxury. Focus is on emotional values, alone time and finding retreat in your home. Silent North is is about creating harmony between man and nature.

    • Silent North

      We still have a minimalistic approach to design and interior. Less is still more when it comes to the Scandinavian design heritage.


    • Nature Noir

      The drama of nature is the main source of inspiration for the theme we call Nature Noir. We experience different époques meeting and merging in a dramatic way, mixing past and presence in dark romanticism.

    • Nature Noir

      History will be retold. It’s all about instinct and intuition, about feelings and emotions – but most importantly about rewinding and reconnecting with nature.

    Chunky textiles

    • Poetic Luxury

      What better way to update a romantic and poetic style universe than with soft pastels and calming organic shapes?

    • Poetic Luxury

      We explore a modern-day fairy tale with focus on the sensual, the feminine and twist it with a bunch of surprising details. Poetic Luxury is a universe of imaginary nature, unique flowers and delicate effects.

    Soft surfaces
    Shimmering & shiny effects

    • Urban Retro

      You’ll never find us lacking playful, curious and experimenting style. Exploring the theme, Urban Retro you will find a youthful theme with roots in the industrial and retro street culture – inspired by the Memphis style back in the 80´s and 90´s.

    • Urban Retro

      It’s all about the term, “newstalgia”. Since history and culture are shared globally and connecting people, we get nostalgic and focus on the past. We move from the cities to the suburbs with an urban feel.

    Mirror finishing

    Our designers

    We work with an inspiring mix of new, upcoming design talent and strong, renowned and established name. Regardless, they all have one thing in common - great passion for creativity and Scandinavian design.

    Did you know that New Scandinavian Design is a tribute to Scandinavian heritage told through crafted details and natural, sustainable materials?