Behind the scenes

The new collection has a story to tell. A story about craftsmanship, values and vision. Presenting a wealth of new colours, materials and shapes – pieces designed with an uncompromised focus on natural, authentic and sustainable materials, all with an undivided attention to the detail.

The collection is not only a tribute to traditions and authentic Scandinavian design but also to a unique expression of individuality. The universe is playful, minimalistic, powerful and soft – all at once and everything in between. Classic gets a twist as the collection is predicated on clean, sleek and simple silhouettes combined with a creative urban sense and delectable surfaces. A new playground, where organic bended wood, structural surfaces meets materials with a raw, industrial feel.

    • Globa - Velvet

      Globa is an exclusive upholstery fabric with striped velvet effect that gives your furniture an exclusive touch. The fabric is produced using a very special weaving method that gives Globa its beautiful, 70s-inspired structure. In addition, the velour material is certified to both Oeko-Tex and Reach standards.

    • Latch coffee table

      In 2017, Singapore-based Dazingfeelsgood participated in the Bolia Design Award. These young designers had a dream of crafting a piece of furniture whose beauty lies in its irregularities. The result of their efforts was Latch: a sculptural series made from solid oak, featuring a multiplicity of contours and where the diameter of each component is unique. All three legs have different widths and the three table tops are terraced, taking inspiration from the picturesque rice fields of Asia. The Latch coffee table is simple yet extraordinarily experimental at the same time.

    • Soul armchair

      Soul is the epitome of classic design – the kind of design that just grows more beautiful over time and holds true heirloom potential. With its solid yet detailed construction, Soul exudes an uninhibited elegance. With carefully considered design details, the renowned German design duo Hertel & Klarhoefer has created a modern design classic. The removable seat is made with the finest grain leather, and the sustainable oak frame features perfectly curved armrests for ideal comfort. Inviting you to take a short retreat from it all, the subtle Nordic design ambitions of the Soul armchair make it a perfect fit for every home.

    • Axus - Fabric

      Axus is an environmentally-friendly choice. A gorgeous Italian upholstery fabric, with 32% made from recycled cotton and where the weaving mill uses solar power for a large proportion of its production to reduce CO2 emissions. Specially chosen to give you a beautiful and environmentally-friendly piece of furniture.

    • Leaves lamp

      One of the greatest artists of the 1960s was the American sculptor Alexander Calder. He designed small moving sculptures suspended from strings or rods, and his art was the source of inspiration for designer Kateryna Sokolova in her work with the Leaves lamp. The result is a sculptural and iconic pendant with elegant lampshades that can rotate to the sides, so the light source can be adapted to suit your needs. The Leaves lamp is an aesthetic design that hovers beautifully above the dining table, creating the perfect hint of decadence.

    • The Bronco vase

      In 2017, Fabio Vogel won the Bolia Design Award with the Bronco vase. The idea was based on creating objects out of fabric covers, to investigate and show what is possible if you combine handcraft with new technology. The foundation of this work has always been the experimental approach and the subject of the project was to create something new, using the power of the element of fire as a designer - with all its destroying yet creative strength.

    Sustainability and quality is the core of the new collection. Materials must be fine and luxurious, crafted environmentally right and socially responsible. All wooden materials used both inside and out are FSC-certified, our wool is IWTO certified, our leather is traceable and most of our fabrics are Oekotex certified. We only accept the best quality and that means our designs are built to last – to become icons.

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    "We always try to design products that are straightforward and poetic at the same time"


    "Berlin is often our inpiration. We like it as it is: metropolitan, creative and direct"

    Hertel & Klarhoefer

    "The development of all our projects aims to achieve simple solutions, both technical and formal, privileging usability and legibility of the object"

    Busetti Garuti Redaelli

    This year, together with some of the world’s finest designers, Bolia has created a collection focusing on exquisite craftsmanship paired with a contemporary Nordic design twist; honouring the handcraft, sustainability and longevity in every single piece.

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    We pay tribute to the things that mean the most to us. The essence of good design, creativity, individuality and unique style – and we are pleased and proud to be able to share this with you.

    Please join us behind the camera in the making of the new 2019 Collection; The New Icons. See, feel and hear how the collection came to life in this raw and unedited behind the scenes movie. 

    Go get the popcorns, lean back in your favourite modular sofa and enjoy a sneak behind the scenes of our 7-week intensive photo shoot. Oh, and grab your own copy of the result, The Lookbook, in your nearest Bolia store.

    • Photographed by Henrik Bülow

      Together with stylist Tine Daring and the world renounced fashion photographer, Henrik Bülow, we have captured our new collection in a completely new, creative and fashionable light.

      Our new Lookbook is bigger than ever and packed with the finest of new Scandinavian design, crafted details, surprising features and world-class international fashion models.

    • Blurring the Lines

      We are working with an exciting range of creative crossovers between design, art, music and fashion. This year we’ll also be joining forces with multi-talent, singer, model, artist, ballet dancer and icon Oh Land, and dive into new creative places.

    The new lookbook

    Together with the world renounced fashion photographer, Henrik Bülow, we have captured our new collection in a completely new, creative and fashionable light. Our new Lookbook is bigger than ever and packed with the finest of new Scandinavian design, crafted details, surprising features and world-class international fashion models in all 276 pages.

    See the light. It’s right in front of you.