Creative collabs

At Bolia we renew, redefine and challenge our self at all times. We constantly seek new adventures and new creative constellations. Teaming up with all kinds of different creative players enables us to rethink and innovate on design ideas. We work with fashion, art, music and some of the coolest entrepreneurs around the globe, all to get inspired and to widen horizons.

Bolia welcomes a new groundbreaking collaboration

Steelcase is the world’s leading manufacturer of office furniture, and our collaboration merges the professional workspace with an adventurous, detail-focused space consisting of natural, daring and luxurious materials.

The professional office landscape is changing and becoming more inspiring, functional and flexible, and together with Steelcase we will create new work environments that are deeply rooted in Scandinavian design. Together we will transform traditional offices into creative, inspiring and homely work environments. 

Aarhus is the European Capital of Culture 2017 and since Bolia is born and raised in Aarhus, we’re proud to play an active role both as sponsor and actor during the year.

Together with others strong players within the Danish design spectre, we are going to dive into the heritage of furniture design with a challenging and futuristic mind set.

Fabric by Bolia

Set your expectations sky high with the new Clouds fabric by Bolia. Look, feel, and touch and you’ll be able to tell that the designer Joa Herrenknecht has been deeply inspired by the characteristic Nordic landscape, the roaring ocean and the pure light that can’t be found anywhere else. Clouds is produced by Guldbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik founded in Norway in 1887, one of the last traditional wool weaving companies in Scandinavia. Here the wool is prepared, dyed and woven to perfection in order to give you the very best of the amazing North, right in your living room.

The house at the edge of the world

"Between sheer mountain walls and open sea, in the easternmost and most isolated part of Iceland, lies a house into which artists from all over the world can move to find calm and absorption. It is run by a group of idealists dreaming of a new world order - and a place where obligation and human contact add value to life and art."

Marie Monrad Graunbøl, OAK Magazine.

Together with the Danish fashion brand Soulland, we have blurred and challenged the boundaries of classic furniture design. You can experience the result in a small limited edition collection that offers unconventional material choices, informal shapes and creative ideas.

High quality materials such as lacquered steel, oxidated steel and exclusive knotted elm wood, come together with vibrant colours and an 80s vibe to create spectacular designs with a progressive character.

Stella Polaris

We are proud sponsors of Stella Polaris which is the world's largest outdoor chill-out festival that is arranged every year in Denmark around the beginning of August. We have been part of this amazing and inspiring project for several years, and every year, the line up is carefully chosen and consists of artists ranging from up and coming to great and established artists who have become legendary in the game. Throughout the years, memorable acts have performed underneath the red covers of Stella Polaris and created unforgettable moments for thousands of the festival guests. The lists includes Moby, Trentemøller, Röyksopp, James Murphy, Phlake, Lis Sørensen, Chinah, Lulu Rouge, only to name a few! You can see some snapshots from the latest festivals right here on Flickr.