Inspiring spaces

Imagine your own silent retreat. Your safe-haven. Your sanctuary. A place and a space where you can slow down, unwind and reconnect with nature. And feel right at home, right away.

We live to create inspiring spaces, but creating a tranquil home goes beyond design aesthetics. It’s about colours, textures, nature and individuality. We wish to guide you through our tailor-made universe of Scandinavian design, so you can touch, feel and shape the living or working space of your dreams. Whether you meet us online or in one of our stores, we want you to feel at home and inspired to create your own personal hideaway.


Imagine the vivid Scandinavian landscape. From the peaceful flatlands to the wild mountains. Imagine the green, refreshing beech forest and the subtle earth-tones fields of waving reed. Imagine the long, warm summer nights and the bright cold winters. Imagine the windswept autumn days and spring’s first ray of sun.

Honest and sustainable materials, all crafted, tailored and perfected by hand and turned into beautiful timeless designs. Thought-through details and long-lasting quality wrapped in a peaceful universe of soft and welcoming earth-toned colours. All designed to create calm, luxurious and beautiful spaces.

Welcome to the slow movement, where we invite you to unwind, reconnect with nature, and slow down.


With an attraction to the calming and honest beauty of nature, we invite textures and pieces made from natural materials inside to create a serene and sensible atmosphere. And nothing quite brings clarity to a space like a stroke of natural materials, tactile surfaces and bright colours.

And for us, nature serves as our biggest inspiration. And creating a sanctuary, a peaceful place and space to unwind go beyond aesthetics. It’s about colours, textures, nature and individuality. We unfold nature’s potential by digging deep and creating small curated breathing spaces that foster naturality and tranquillity. And we believe that indoor greeneries and sceneries can help create balance and calmness, and help you recharge from the busy but wonderful everyday life.

We invite you to create your own green sanctuary, to explore and to discover. All in your own pace, in your own city or right here on


Design Atelier

Based on nature's colours, motifs and elements, along with the dramatic season changes in Scandinavia, we have created nine curated moods, each representing an interpretation of Scandinavian design. You can experience the nine universes in our creative Design Atelier, which you'll find in the majority of our stores. Or you can immerse yourself in the different moods right here at your very own pace.

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