Here’s to you, you liberated free thinkers of home
creation. You who dedicate your hearts and souls to the
way you live. To you, who let your creativity thrive and
dive head first into everything that is possible. You who
set your imaginations free. You who make and create and
build. You who take all that you are and let it become,
home. You the unafraid, the unique, the inspirational.

Here’s to you because
No One Lives Like You

We can’t wait to show you all of what we’ve made. A beautiful 2017 Lookbook packed with the all the new designs placed in stunning venues. The Lookbook pictures are shot by the London-based world renowned fashion photographer David Hughes and beautifully styled by stylist Lotta Agaton.
The feel is Nordic, warm, creative and personal, so just lean back and let your eyes do the walking.

Take a dive into our digital Lookbook

This is our 2017 Brandbook, which is designed for people who just love pictures and new Scandinavian design. So sit yourself down with a nice cup of coffee, relax and take a deep breath. There are 300 visual pages to enjoy, featuring the entire new collection.

Have a look inside Have a look inside

 For our 2017 Collection we are introducing more than 250 bold new designs together with an exclusive collab collection by the Danish fashion brand Soulland.
Our international team of designers has carefully selected the finest organic materials, all the way from smoked oak to brown marble and exclusive velvet, to show you our finest new collection ever.

Prepare to fall in love right here.

Experience the new Bolia collection Experience the new Bolia collection

Come behind the scenes and watch the creation of our 2017 collection, meet our newest designers, experience the new inspiring visual universe, see all of our new digital discoveries and much more. We have been looking forward to revealing and sharing it all with you for a long time.

See the Behind the Scenes film here.