Caring for your sofa

A sofa will naturally change form and appearance over time. We've gathered our knowledge and recommendations on how to give your sofa the best care to ensure it lasts for many years to come.

The upholstery on your sofa will change with use, so it's important that you swap the cushions regularly to ensure even wear and use, as much as you can. Some of our sofas have reversible cushions, such as our Scandinavia sofa series. Take advantage of this opportunity to distribute the wear as much as possible.

You might like to change places too, so you don't always sit in the same place, swap around the cushions and generally break your routines. If you follow these tips, your sofa will last longer and the upholstery on the cushions will be more even.

A sofa with down must be beaten frequently and ideally hard. This will help ensure that the cushions don't become flat and lose shape. If your cushions have a zip, it's a good idea to open the zip when beating them, as it will allow more air to enter, thus breathing more life and shape into the cushion.

We don't have sofas that are exclusively filled with down, but if you're in love with a sofa like Cosima, where the majority of the filling is down, you have to beat it frequently and you mustn't be afraid to beat it hard. It'll only make it more beautiful.

All our foam cushions undergo a special foam crushing process before they become a comfortable sofa. The foam crushing process ensures all the air bubbles in the foam are uniform, meaning the foam will keep its shape for many, many years. A foam sofa has a firmer type of comfort than a down sofa, but a foam sofa still needs to be beaten to make the cushions return to their natural shape. Try turning the cushions over too, and your sofa will survive both the future trends and seasons.

It is therefore quite natural that your sofa cushions will gradually become softer to sit on.

    • Wrinkles in the fabric

      When you start using your new furniture, the fabric will seem relatively tight. As you use the furniture, the fabric and the thin foam just below the fabric will expand relatively quickly, which can cause wrinkles on the fabric. This will typically happen within the first month, depending on how much furniture is used. The material will subsequently expand to a lesser extent.

      In order to avoid too many wrinkles, the fabric should be ”ironed” lightly with your hand, so that any excess material can be redistributed across the cushion. If your sofa is covered with wool fabric, the fabric will contract if you moisten a tea towel with demineralised water, place it on the sofa and heat the towel with i.e. an iron at a low heat or a hair dryer. Alternatively, you can moisten a tea towel and leave it on the wrinkles overnight. When the wool fabric dries, the wool fibres will contract once again. Wrinkles that occur as a direct result of use and love are perfectly normal.

    Always start by impregnating your sofa with the right care product. We've developed a range of care products that can be purchased in all our Bolia stores and online at The right care product creates a protective membrane, enhances the natural qualities of the material and sofa, and will extend the life of your sofa. A care product typically holds for half a year, so we recommend that you care for your sofa a couple of times a year, or as needed.

    For example, a leather sofa may require more moisture and leather cream during the dry months, just like your hands during the winter months.

    If you haven't impregnated your sofa yet, you can still do so. But make sure to clean the sofa thoroughly before using any type of care product. Otherwise, you might create blotches.

    Your sofa is the tranquil gathering point and hub during weekdays and weekends. It’s a place to relax, switch off and enjoy many hours. That’s why continuous and correct cleaning and maintenance is important to prolong the life of your sofa as much as possible.

    We recommend vacuuming your sofa every week to give your sofa the best conditions. Vacuum it with the soft nozzle and at low suction so that the filling does not move or the fibres pulled out during vacuuming. If possible, you should move the cushions before vacuuming, so you can also remove the dust that falls between and under the seat cushions on a daily basis.

    With the right care products and plenty of love and attention, your sofa will be able to follow you through your life.