Porcelain, ceramics, crystal glass & stoneware

At Bolia, we only work with the finest and purest materials. This is also reflected in our distinctive kitchen and table setting accessories. As part of new developments, we are now working with some of the most talented manufacturers who supply porcelain, stoneware and stainless steel to other prominent companies. All to ensure that our stylish table and kitchen accessories also stand the test of everyday use and live up to your high expectations, as well as our own. Below you can read about the different materials’ qualities and how to care for them to ensure optimal lifetime and durability.

Stoneware is made from natural clay, which is carefully shaped by hand into fine bowls, cups, plates, etc., and then fired at high heat. Next, the raw creations are glazed in beautiful colours and exciting textures, and each stoneware bears the mark of the handmade process. Stoneware has a timeless look and is durable, heat- and wear-resistant. Dishwasher-safe, and safe to clean with other detergents too. Never use abrasive cleaners or cream, as they can make the surface dull and create scratches.




Glass is a natural material and is durable and easy to maintain. Our mouth-blown glass has a unique appearance as a result of the special production technique. It also makes every glass unique. Be aware therefore that no two glasses or vases will be completely identical, and you need to embrace the special, handmade look. Glass is a versatile material that can withstand almost all chemicals, acids, liquids and similar cleaning products. Dishwasher-safe. Never use abrasive cleaners or cream cleaners, as they can dull and scratch the surface.



Porcelain is the term for ceramics made from a special blend of kaolin clay, quartz and feldspar, which are first shaped by hand and then fired at high heat. Porcelain products withstand knocks and impact better than other ceramic materials and can therefore be made thinner than stoneware. This makes them lighter, both in weight and in appearance - a completely classic material that will follow you throughout your life. Dishwasher and microwave-safe. Never use abrasive cleaners or cream cleaners, as they can dull and scratch the surface.



Stainless steel

Steel is a versatile material with a very clear strength. It is precisely this strength and resistance that makes it ideal for shaping cutlery and kitchen utensils. The inherent strength of the steel also means that you can create sleek silhouettes with an aesthetic lightness. Stainless steel does not require much maintenance and can remain beautiful for years to come. Dishwasher-safe, and safe to wash with ordinary detergents. Don't use an abrasive cleaner or sponge as this can scratch the surface.