Craft & Quality

Behind each one of our designs is a story. A story of craftsmanship and quality. We love to see our designs come to life from initial idea to finished product, and we believe that you can only get that authentic luxurious feeling once you are able to feel the love, sweat and emotions that have been put into every single design.

Bolia presents 'Built to last'

90% of our collection is produced in Europe by local manufacturers and furniture upholsterers who have worked in their professions for generations. Our manufacturers prioritise the use of natural and sustainable production, with many using solar power and residual waste as their primary energy sources.

We call it tailor-made, but the decisions are actually made by you. It’s your dreams we are crafting. You can have it however you want it, and there’s nothing wrong with being picky. We like picky. That means you have an opinion and taste. Because there is literally a million ways to combine our designs, sizes, colours and materials. You decide.

Our designers have found their inspiration in the colours of nature, and it’s lovely and honest materials. And with respect for nature, sustainability is thought into their every move, and into the bits and bobs of their designs.

All the way from the first design sketches to the final product, we are making many sustainable decisions, but the one we believe matters the most; is designing beautiful products that are built to last for many years. 

To ensure top-notch product quality and longevity, our furniture production is placed with some of Europe’s finest manufacturers, and all designs made for professional usage is thoroughly tested in collaboration with Bureau Veritas, the world’s leading quality- and certification agency. Here the designs are put through intense strength- and abrasion tests, and all designs are furthermore tested to avoid harmful chemicals.

    • L1 and L2 certificates

      The higher the quality, the greater the design. That is why we use different certificates and labels that help you navigate our world of quality design. L1 and L2 both involve extensive testing for general use such as office buildings, public halls, restaurants and banks. When you see a L1 and L2 certificate, it’s your guarantee that the furniture is tested to meet the highest standards.

    • GS certificate

      In Bolia we honour our commitment to making furniture built to last, and to do so, we collaborate with one of the world’s largest and most renowned agencies that offer inspection, extensive testing and quality assurance, Bureau Veritas. Our collaboration includes the certificate, GS, meaning each design undergoes wide-ranging quality tests that cover testing for strength and durability, safety, dangerous chemicals and stability of each design, and works as a stamp of approval.

    It´s actually pretty simple. We want you to feel our passion for design, craftsmanship and quality. And we want that feeling to last for years. Therefore, we are pleased to give you a 10 year warranty on our complete collection, from home accessories to furniture designs.