In this collection we introduce more than 165 new, crisp designs created by some of the world’s most daring, inspiring, brave and finest designers. The quality, craftsmanship and details are the finest ever - carefully curated into the most vibrant and luxurious design collection. Get ready to fall in love with materials like coloured glass, voluminous velvet, exclusive brass and traceable leather.  

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The extraordinary possibilities of our new collection truly come alive as we begin to play, to place and to create our visual universe. Saturated with style, elegance, exclusivity our creative universe emanates the same feel of 70's luxury, decadence and Nordic Warmth in a stunning range of creative settings. 

Captured by the world renowned, London photographer, David Hughes and styled by Niklas Hansen of Stockholm, this year’s look is nothing short of breathtaking. We’re in even more fabulous locations including some of the most stunning museums and venues in Denmark.

More inspiration, more beauty, more luxury, more design.

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Come with us behind the scenes of the new collection, as we explore the beautiful diversity of living spaces that we can create together and celebrate creativity, individuality and uniqueness.

Behind the scenes sneak peek from the making of our new Bolia lookbook.

Another week - another shoot, and yet another sneak peek.

This is raw natural beauty brought to you by the stark and barren beaches, the windswept freshness and the pure vivacious natural force of the Scandinavian seas.

A collection of natural body products made with seaweed and buckthorn, the heart and soul of AURORA. Buckthorn nourishes the skin with rich antioxidants while seaweed cleanses, regenerates and reconditions.

The AURORA collection is free from parabens, colorants or endocrine disruptors. AURORA, the essence of Scandinavia.

Design heritage is a thing to be respected but that doesn’t mean it can’t be reinterpreted. The Scandinavia remix is The Scandinavia reborn in a more contemporary cut and due respect. Modular and mouldable to a striking centre-piece of any home it is just as customisable as it’s worthy predecessor. Constructed with the best materials for perfect comfort and reversible cushions.

Meet the Scandinavia Remix

Why no one has thought of this before is extraordinary. Your dining table has long been deprived of the comfort of sofas, but not anymore. Purpose built to be the perfect repose both for dining lounging and socializing around the modern dining table.