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Being part of the global social community, we are excited to experience an increasing interest and demand for our designs from around the world. We have therefore initiated a wholesale opportunity on new markets.

- We are a fast-growing Danish company which expands on new Scandinavian design developed by our own design team.

- Over 90% of our collection is manufactured in Europe to ensure high quality, short production and delivery times and minimal CO2 emissions.

- We do not have any inventory, since all furniture is tailor-made for our customers. Production is implemented when the order is submitted in our shops or online.

- We sell our collection in all EU countries, as well as through wholesale partners all over the world, and we have great ambitions.

If you own one or more exclusive home interior design stores, have a passion for Scandinavian Design, a solid financial background and would like to sell selected products from the Bolia Collection on your market, we would love to hear from you.

You are welcome to send information about yourself, your business and your current range together with other relevant information about your motivation to apply. Please note that we are not interested in wholesale partners in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, The Netherlands or Switzerland.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

The Bolia concept is a web-based IT platform which ensures maximum efficiency and minimum costs. Our manufacturers must be able to implement the new technology in order to ensure high quality and minimum production costs.

We comply with all national and international rules and regulations, and we do what we can to take social responsibility and operate an open and honest business. We expect that all of our manufacturers  and partners share the same positive ambitions.

If you share our belief that furniture must be beautiful inside as well as outside, and you would like to be a trusted manufacturer for, then send an e-mail with a description of your company's profile, business competences and portfolio.


- We are a fast growing Danish company that develops New Scandinavian Design created by our own Design Team.

- More than 95% of our collection is produced in - - Europe in order to secure a high quality, a short production and delivery time, and minimise CO2 emissions. We carry no stock, as every piece of furniture is custom made for our customers. Production starts once the order is placed in our stores or online.

- We sell our collection in all EU countries, as well as through wholesale partners all over the world, and we have great ambitions.

- We look to forward hearing more about your business and passion for quality and design.

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All young talents need their big break, their discovery, their ticket into the big league, and we want to be the ones to give them that. We believe that young, fresh talent is the future of our industry and we welcome it with open arms. Meet our designers here.

The Bolia Design Award was created to do just that, and we’re proud to say that we’ve not just found many of our own designers through this initiative – we’ve helped a wealth of young hopefuls into a competitive, but amazing world of furniture design too. Read more about the Bolia Design Award here. Read more about Bolia Design Award here.

You are warmly welcome to share your designs and brilliant ideas about New Scandinavian Design with us during the year. Please send your design information along with 3D drawings and measurements. We will treat it all with very good care and give you a quick reply. Please send your information, material and design suggestions to

You are also welcome to ask for more information about our annual design process, the business practicalities  – or simply just to say hi.

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