Laminate is a natural, exclusive material, and at Bolia we work with HPL, high-pressure laminate, and with FENIX NTM® nanolaminate from the Italian company Arpa Industriale. All laminate types have different properties. Here you can read about laminate and correct care of the material.

Our different types of laminate are incredibly durable and can withstand almost anything. Fenix has a soft surface, and you can read more about maintenance and care on their own website. In general, laminate has no disadvantages, and is a highly recommended material suitable for busy homes, public spaces and kitchens.

Caring for your laminate furniture

Daily cleaning can be done with a damp cloth, while we recommend Bolia Laminate Cleaner for more thorough cleaning. This provides in-depth cleaning and removes both felt tip marks and stains. Never use an abrasive powder or sponge as this has a tendency to make the surface dull and create scratches.

Not sure how to use your care product and how often you should repeat the care? We have developed various how-to care videos that will guide you through the correct use of our different care products. Watch the how-to video below on caring for wood and learn how to use your care product. Just click on the play button and sit back.