Solid wood

Solid wood is a living natural material with a unique and organic expression. Every single piece has been carefully selected according to high quality requirements. And every piece of wood is different. A characteristic of solid wood that you’ll love. Below you can read more about solid wood qualities, as well as our care recommendations that will help you to keep your solid wood furniture beautiful for years to come.

Solid wood is a natural material with lots of character that can be traced in the many knots and growth rings that give the solid material character. Every single piece is felled, dried, sorted and treated responsibly and with great respect for the craftsmanship. That is why every piece of furniture in solid wood is distinctive, and that is exactly what makes solid wood an unique and popular material for dining furniture in particular.

Easy to maintain

A solid, oiled surface requires minimal care, but if you provide your furniture with plenty of oil, it will reward you with an almost infinite lifetime. On the vast majority of solid wood furniture, you can sand scratches and small marks down and reapply oil or care product to recreate the original shine of your furniture. However, we always recommend that you ask at your store or contact our customer service before you start sanding your furniture.

Solid wood lives and breathes, which is why it is affected by the room it is placed in. Wood can contract or expand depending on where you place it. In other words: A dry room that's very warm can cause the wood to dry out and contract, whereas a damp room can cause the wood to expand. It is therefore important to keep the furniture oiled and treated to avoid any cracking or twisting in the wood. E.g. wood will require more oil during the cold winter months, when the air is often drier than in the summer. Ask our friendly staff at your local store for advice, as oil, care and drying varies according to the local climate.

Solid and vibrant expression

The natural element is also what makes solid wood such an interesting material to work with. The natural qualities such as visible knots and various growth rings give solid wood a characteristic expression that you have to embrace. This means two solid wood tables will never be 100% identical, but will instead radiate individuality and diversity. This is something you should know and love before choosing solid wood. If you prefer a cleaner look, choose veneer for your furniture. Veneer is also lighter than solid wood, which can be a bit heavy to move around.

Wood needs lots of care and love. Therefore, start by oiling your furniture before you start using it and treat it a couple of times a year, or as required. Consider where you put your furniture. Is it a warm or cold room? And then adjust the treatment accordingly. As a general rule, a care product lasts for approx. half a year – please note this may vary depending on temperature fluctuations and how often the table is cleaned. When applying wood oil, you should apply the oil to the entire furniture, i.e. on a solid wood table, the oil should also be applied underneath the table top to ensure the piece of furniture is evenly cared for. 

A damp cloth should be used for daily cleaning, while more thorough cleaning can be done with wood cleaner, which is part of Bolia's care series. The surface should always be wiped with a clean, dry cloth to ensure that no traces are left behind. Remember to always wipe in the direction of the wood's growth rings.


Not sure how to use your care product and how often you should repeat the care? We have developed various how-to care videos that will guide you through the correct use of our different care products. Watch the how-to video below on caring for wood and learn how to use your care product. Just click on the play button and sit back.