Ludovica & Roberto Palomba

Ludovica & Roberto Palomba, Italy

Our creations, whether they are pieces of design or architecture, are derived from observations of change in human behavior.
It is important to see these products outside a fixed location or period – they do not reflect the latest trend, but are the result of rationality and considered craftsmanship.
Our initial drafts are projections of our own needs. Our two visions are complementary and our design consensual.
The challenge of our work is merging function, innovation and longevity. We seek to project courage and serenity through the purity and originality of our work.
When a work is finished its not complete, time will continue to shape how it´s considered by others. An anticipation of this helps greatly in shaping classic objects which retain their beauty and utility. Perhaps we are trying to pluck our creations from a collective unconsciousness and our task is to mold and deliver them. A truly successful piece of design must feel fresh but not unfamiliar when its discovered.
As with a partner, love is evident.
And there it is, that is what characterizes our creations: research, often long, difficult and exhilarating - to finally reach what is EVIDENT.