A beautiful reinterpretation of the sofa bed

A beautiful reinterpretation of the sofa bed

Timeless aesthetics, a sustainable starting point and durable functionality are all elements we prioritise when creating the framework for a new collection. The ability to balance these three characteristics in the same design requires a unique and innovative approach to creating new products – which is why we work with a collective of talented designers from all over the world who share our passion for excellent craftsmanship and Scandinavian design.


Berlin-based designer Joa Herrenknecht is one of them. She is the creative mind behind Pira, an FSC-certified series of elegant sofa beds and matching poufs. Pira was created with the intention of designing a functional sofa bed that looks anything but ordinary. A sofa bed that accommodates everything from sleeping guests to an extra duvet and bed linen, and the chaise longue modules are designed with a hidden storage compartment.

When cosy evenings stretch into the late hours and your guests are reluctant to go home, it's always an advantage to be able to offer them a soft and peaceful place to spend the night. Pira does just that, with a built-in fold-out mechanism of the highest quality, which unfolds to reveals a large, comfortable mattress. All hidden behind a beautiful exterior of almost sculptural character.


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